Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Knitting Plan for 2008

I'm saying "Plan" just because it will be that much funnier when I look back in a year. You understand that, right?

First, my personal resolutions: Get more exercise, and be more proactive about building my clinic.

For the fibery stuff: I have two big projects underway right now. The fire blanket for Matt, which is nearly long enough now, and the Sock Ends Blanket. This last one excited me as a way to do charity work, plus use up the zillions of sock yarn ends that a knitter inevitably acquires. Some kind folks from Ravelry even sent me bits (see pic). Unfortunately, after knitting my very first square (see right edge), it struck me that knitting an entire blanket on size 1 needles was not, maybe, the brightest idea ever. Since, um, there aren't that many homeless dolls and I have to make a gazillion to do anything for an actual human-size person. *sigh*

Rethinking the concept now. Maybe lace bookmarks that I can donate for raffling or something... hmm. I'm open to suggestions here, people.

Other knitty stuff I want to get done this year: A lace shawl. A lace beaded shawl. Fingerless gloves for driving Shaun. Socks. Lots of socks. Entrelac. Learn Continental knitting. Colorwork. A beret. And I want to spin that sweater's worth of yarn I got at Rhinebeck, although I may not get the sweater knit (sound familiar, Emma?). Learn to crochet. :)

Finally: The big No Fiber Purchases in 2008 Vow. I can trade, win, or earn new stuff for the stash, but I promise not to lay out any actual cash. For a year. Seriously. All you evil hand-dyers just STAY AWAY! And if I click through in my sleep, just delete my order. Kthxbye.


emma said...

I like your spin a sweater plan for 08. When I looked at my other goals I decided that knitting the sweater in 08 was overambitious.

Sharon Rose said...

It's not the work so much as I want to lose some weight first. :)

Kabira said...

How about using more than one strand of sock yarn at a time to be able to knit at a bigger gauge?

Sharon Rose said...

That's what we've been doing. Girlie made a headband / fingerless glove set, and I'm working on my second hat. :)