Friday, January 04, 2008

Time for the reveal...

So! Here's a sampling of my Xmas knitting. I didn't get a pic of Maddie's purple mittens, but maybe she'll send me one (hint, hint). Girlie wanted a collection of hemp face scrubbies, which is on display at Ravelry. The blue chenille pointy tassled hat is now Gillie's. The rat scarf is for SIL Mary. She used to work with lab rats and was their rodent lifestyle defender. No pattern, so they're each a little different, and the eyes are knit right in. My Xmas Secret Pal was in Hawaii, so I wanted to bring her some traditional "snow-on-holly" in a form that she could wear in her tropical paradise. It's a short scarf that she can drape around her neck or use to tie her hair back. Nancy, I'm sorry to say, is still waiting for her prezzie. There were some unforeseen troubles with final construction. It's coming, really! There was a bunch of other stuff, too, but these are the bits I think you will find most interesting.

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