Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun on Four Wheels

Shaun & I had a good day today. We went to work (patient didn't show, but I met a nice lady who was seeing someone else). We made a left turn over a giant slopey concrete median (hee hee! I've been dying to do that since he got here).

Despite the freak snowstorm last night, it was so warm out that I opened his front vents. This, the Rover version of air conditioning, is literally a metal flap just under the windscreen that pops up to allow wind, bugs, etc into the cabin. Very refreshing. :)

Then I solved the mystery of the wiper motors (there are two separate ones). The Land Rover motors are apparently made of "unobtainium." The choice was to either wait for one too show up on eBay, or rebuild the ones I have. Until today - problem conquered - details tomorrow!

Then I got home and found out my wonderful father has volunteered to pick up the wheels we need. Thanks, Dad!

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