Monday, July 29, 2013

Medieval Pavilion Tent for sale!

 SOLD 1/10/14

Practically new! Panther Primitives French Double-Belled Wedge, 12’ wide x 20’ long (8’ ridge). with sod flaps and doors on both sides. Sunforger canvas with flame-retardant treatment. Green-trimmed dags. You may have seen it this season in a Merchant’s Row, where I do acupuncture and medical massage. This is a large wedge tent with half-circles added to each end for an overall oval floor.  A queen-sized mattress fits easily in the center section between the ridge poles. 

The canopy fly gives gorgeous shade & rain protection. It goes up separately, so you can leave it off, or use it as an unattached day shade. I’ve made a custom curtain (pale green) to provide some privacy (aka hide your stuff, or set a privy bucket) in one of the round ends. I’ve adapted the ties on one door to accept toggle ties (for going in and out rapidly) but you can still use them as normal ties. Stayed dry inside during heavy overnight rains at 2013 Grand Thing, and was rock-solid stable in high winds at 2013 An Tir/West War, where multiple tents blew away. 

I LOVE this beautiful tent. The only reason I’m selling it is to buy Roman-style tents to match my persona (yes, I’m that much of a geek). The canvas is clean, no mildew or wear. One pole cracked after an unfortunate run-in with a steel mallet, but it’s been repaired with Gorilla wood glue and a pair of hose clamps. It’s not pretty, but I bet it’s stronger than the other poles now! I suggest you use that pole for the curtained end and nobody will ever know. Price as listed in the Panther catalog with the extras: $1781. Plus hundreds for shipping? Grab this gently-used beauty for $1200. Also willing to talk trade for Roman-style tent(s). I can deliver, but I may ask for fuel help if you're far away. Note: Poles can be sleeved to break apart for transport. They are currently 100" long.

Available at 12th Night (SeaTac, 1/10/14), or pick it up in Portland now!, 503-964-3422