Sunday, June 29, 2008


We just went outside and played with the fireflies. They were everywhere... in the grass, in the trees, on the roofs... we made some blinks of our own. :)

Me, Bluinated

Summer haircut, and my first-ever color!

Celtic Fling Thing

Yesterday Matt, Denise, Phoebe & I went to the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire. Pheobe was a very cheerful child - I got some great smile pics, but I love this one because it's funny.

It was their Celtic Fling weekend. That means all the usual jousting, pickles on a stick, silver jewelry, and Wiccan- and pirate-themed ceramic mugs, plus the added bonus of men and boys in all sorts of kilt-like objects. Most of them were not actual tartan kilts, or even Utilikilts... they included hijacked sister's skirts, cheapokilts (they just don't hang or move properly, due to inferior fabric and design - to the educated eye they're pretty funny), and of course swathes of plaid material simply wrapped around the hips.

The Fling also included a dance meet. Originally this was a sport based on traditional Celtic dancing, but it now involves the bizarre costuming of young girls in freakishly bright dresses and Lil Orphan Annie curls.

The birds of prey were amazing. I was utterly captivated by the falcons (notice how everyone's focused on what's in the Lure bag!) and the owl was gorgeous, too.

Friday, June 27, 2008

More Space-&-Time Travel

This time our destination was Colonial Williamsburg and the Jamestown Settlement. The wig with feathers is to repel water in the rain - how cool is that? We saw an unbelievable concert by Dean Shostak featuring the glass armonica, my favorite instrument. Actually now I may have a new favorite: The Grand Armonica. He also played some new instruments that he and his friends developed, like oh, a glass violin!! And glass handbells!!! And some freaky sculptural noise makers that we all got to play with.

The Governor's Palace copied its look from Hampton Court, as you can see. The firing mechanisms were all removed from the guns, though!

The Colonial Parkway between the two cities is essentially a gorgeous exposed aggregate driveway. It's twice the distance of the straight highway, but guess which route Matt chose?

Baltimore and back

Last Wednesday Matt wanted a roadtrip. We zoomed down to Baltimore, saw the USS Torsk (submarine, 1945) and the USS Constellation (last sail-onlt ship built by the Navy, 1854), had a delish sushi lunch, and got home in time for my 4:30 appointment.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Catching Up

Seems like every time I've had a second, Blogger has been feeling ill. Let's try this again:

1) Matt graduated from his internship and is now officially a resident. This means he does call from home now, instead of working 36 hr shifts, so he might actually stay awake for our dates! He and Amy (the other intern in the pic) have been gone all week on a medical mission to Honduras. It was organized by a church and the religious stuff is pretty heavy-handed (his technique to avoid surgery with a little boy was labeled "divine intervention") but they did great work there. I get him back tonight!

2) I'm really feeling like a sole proprietor these days. The calls are coming in and the book is filling up. I even bought Yellow Pages advertising (my clients say they use it - who knew? I haven't opened one in nearly 10 years).

3) We went to Longwood Gardens. Impressive... how I imagine Versailles, both indoors and out.

4) We went to a car show on Memorial Day in Gettysburg. You declared your allegiance with either the North or the South and parked in the appropriate lot. Seriously, those people are still fighting the war! The hot rods were killer: Check out the bowling trophy & bottle opener on the RatRod, and the flames that begin inside the engine compartment on the sleek one.

5) Blackberry's been getting superfriendly. If we're on the phone and I say "I gotta go, my bunny is demanding a massage," it's not a euphemism for anything. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama clinches the nomination!

Yes! I'm so excited. I didn't think he'd be able to beat Hillary's money. I sure hope we can whip McCain too. Wanna help?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And now... a mailing list!

I'm building a mailing list for the Rose Family Clinic. Sign up to receive monthly updates about news, events, and occasional health tips. Your privacy is important to me: Your information will never be sold or distributed.