Saturday, January 19, 2008

Windshield wipers, slappin' out a tempo...

Here you can see Shaun's original rain-clearing system. The interior pic shows the vent I mentioned yesterday. The third pic compares one old and one replacement motor: I got them at a boat store. Marine supply parts are designed to withstand vibration, temperature extremes, and moisture. In other words, they're perfect for a Land Rover! For other Landites: Each motor, arm, and blade was $79 as a set. Now I have modern blades, too - easily replaceable as they age.

The funny thing is how perfectly they fit. Matt had to drill the hole for the shaft, just to enlarge it a smidge, but otherwise they plopped right in.

He also hooked up my heater with a proper switch. Check out my ultra-sleek dash! The nail polish and white-out are SPOTs (Stupid Previous Owner Trick).

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