Sunday, January 06, 2008

3rd Annual January Breakdown

Long-term readers will recall that for the past two years, we've had a spate of electrical and mechanical disasters in January. We were a tad ahead of the curve - the cars hemorrhaged cash along with coolant and oil in December. A few days ago our GPS died (what's with the 6 month life span on these things?) but we had a warranty, so actually that worked out beautifully. We got a fancy new one, free.

The real damage, though, was Matt's trust breaking down. This godsend of a monetary cushion has been providing child support and supplementing his meager resident's income. Unfortunately that's all coming to a rather harsh end. I can't afford to wait for my clinic to mature any more: I'll be looking for a job at a doc's office.

In an alternate bid to raise funds, Girlie and I are plotting a book. It'll be a sort of combination roadtrip and knitting adventure. The working title: A Hooker, A Dwarf, and a Taxi." Think Jack Kerouac with wool. Think Anthony Bourdain with yarn. And less expertise. Think Thelma and Louise, without the cigs, booze, and murder. Well... without the cigs and booze.

Once the book goes global, there'll be a movie. In Volume II we tour Europe: The Dwarf and the Hooker Go Abroad!


annaliese said...

Howdy - I was just dropping by as I near exhaustion from the whole primary scene. The Mr. Edwards does not even get his name mentioned when he is the second place finisher seems mighty crazy to me, almost as crazy as folks declaring 3 days ago that Hillary should quit and now declaring that it is over for Obama. Madness.

But now I see this not all clear to me post but it seems at least stressful, if not sucky. But, who knows what doors this part of the path will open. I a sorry for the monetary blah. In our household, it looks like Lee needs oh.... maybe about $5k in dentistry. 3 separate dental emergencies on 3 separate days, unrelated, all within like 2 weeks. SO it goes.

Be well. Wishing we had more of a chance to be acquainted...

deb said...

I can't wait for the book to come out!!! Can I help? Can I submit a character or something?? Fun city!