Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck Report

Okay, so I spent more than I planned. But I didn't go toooo crazy, and how can you pass up silk at $1/oz? Everything was so cheap... And I should be able to fill my Xmas orders now. I love this first pic, taken by Pam's husband Kris. It represents what the weekend was all about: Showing off your gorgeous shawl, yarn and people everywhere, but mostly connecting with (and hugging) your online knitsibs.
Sheepies! Sorry, Jas, couldn't find one to volunteer to live on your porch. Matt went bonkers touching all the bunnies. So hard not bring them all home!

Kimberly exhibited both practicality and style.The Fairgrounds were gorgeous. I was actually born in this area and it was fun to see names of towns, etc that I remember my parents talking about. Driving around was amazing ... obviously the brilliant colors influenced my fiber buying quite heavily.

I've been lusting after roving to make an autumny sweater. Found it! Didn't have quite enough green so I bought a supplemental bump to blend in. The mohair was Matt's request for a throw (I got a bag full). Also adopted: A pretty ironwood Lucet, white tussah silk fiber, charcoal gray teen alpaca roving, and some purple for Maddie's mittens.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

It was so cool to meet you!! I can't wait for MD Sheep and Wool now. :D
Much congrats for posting that photo. Package to be sent tomorrow!

Cicely said...

looks like it was awesome!

do you know kelli dunham? she's a stand up comic, lived in portland most recently, now in NYC

turns out she was dragged to the festival by a friend

~grin~ it's cute for me to know that you were both there

Lynne said...

Heh - that's me being devoured in a Pam hug up top. It was all about the meeting and the kisses on cheeks too!

Now, if only we could combine a Rav and Knitty meetup with a kilt show and a martini shake-off, I think we would establish permanent world peace :-D


Sharon Rose said...

YAY!!!! for cheek kissing! :)

Cicely - do I get first crack at your hair, or are you donating it?