Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My new life: Pretty #*%^*&* awesome!

Seattle is great. I have a sweet, brilliant, sexy husband. A completely unique and funky car (honestly, there's not a single other auto on the planet I'd trade it for... and that goes double for the husband). I live on a quiet, beautiful island. I'm finally on the road towards my MD, at a school with small classes and great teachers. My furry kids are all having fun amusing me. I get to see my skin kids soon, and my parents are even visiting. To top it all off, I just bought some KILLER alpaca for $1/oz. Yee-HAW!!! I even got a phone number that ends in "i-ply" - Life is GOOD!

More pics of my spinning coming soon, I promise! The rainbow sweater, too, as it progresses... which right now is pretty slowly. 24 credit hours - biology, physics, chemistry, and organic chem - are taking priority. Speaking of which, I need to go relearn trig right now. Bye!