Friday, June 25, 2010

First-of-Many Tea/Crafty Parties!

Left to right: Linda (also seen showing off her new market bag), Fran, Dianna (maker of vast quantities of Cthulu masks), and Paddy. The first group shot: Birthday girl Dianna being surprised with her (and my!) favorite: Carrot cake. As you can see we did not lack for sustenance. Homemade scones, quiche, and even cucumber sandwiches were featured in the feast. And yes, there was tea at this tea party. Linda and I supplied prodigious amounts*, which were both consumed on site and packaged in little DIY teabags for later. You should have seen us - it was a cross between a wine tasting and an opium den. "Ooooh... smell this one! It's smokey!" "Oh my god... the lavender is so subtle!" "This orange one would be perfect iced!"

We even did some knitting and crocheting. It was, as they say in the Pants, totally awesomesauce.

I followed it up with a sushi dinner with a different batch of buddies, then collected Nae at the airport. You'll be seeing lots of her in the next week. :)

*Props to AJ for being my personal tea hook-up.

Friday, June 18, 2010

LOLCats at home

Tubecat aka Cubecat is on a restricted diet and has been losing weight. We're very proud of his progress. Still... he's got some more work to do.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Roses

Back to the Test Rose Garden, this time with the girls. My next camera will have smell-o-vision. My favorite variety today: Rainbow Sherbert (pale pink with yellow inside), which actually smelled like orange sherbert!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Surprise Catting!

We stumbled onto a shockingly good zoo today, hidden deep inside a carnival at Portland's Waterfront Park. The fair was the usual collection of traveling ring toss scams, wretched vaudville, mildly thrilling rides, and greasy food. We were wandering around killing time before collecting Maddie (junior year finals today - woo hoo!), and were about to leave when I saw the pony rides. The ponies were clean and not underweight like most at these things. Next to the corral was a petting zoo consisting of sheep, goats, a mini bull (yes, intact, and loving on the kids petting him!) and a potbelly pig that was so happy to be getting attention he was actually wagging his tail! Next to that was a reptile tent. Tiny crocs and lots of snakes (which for some reason had "Prohibited in Oregon" on many of the cages). A handler was wearing a giant iguana.

Then I turned the corner and nearly plotzed. "Oh my god! There's a tiger here!" He was about 5 feet from me, gnawing away on a raw piece of meat. He was so beautiful... I'd never been that close to one before, not without thick glass between me and those teeth. In fact, his cage was sorta flimsy... thin metal bungied together, and the gate had drop hinges! Anyway, I was looking at the white spots on his ears, and that broad, gorgeous forehead, and I wanted to touch him... He totally heard me thinking that. Stopped eating, looked up, and said very clearly "No, you don't touch me." He was angered and offended that it would even cross my mind. I slunk away to the next cage...

There were all sorts of fun creatures. Patagonia cavies, a lynx, a bobcat, a lion, a porcupine, etc. They all looked healthy and happy. The cages were clean. I usually hate zoos because the critters look miserable if not downright insane (don't get me started on elephants), but this place impressed me.

Then we got photo ops with Nala, a 7 week old lion kitten. She was very sweet and playful. Her fur was rougher than I expected, more like wire. What an experience! She was playing with my finger, just holding it in her mouth, and I was loving it until I realized I shouldn't let her do that.
Even brand new she had a formidable amount of muscle and giant claws.

The Rose luck strikes again. Random wonderfulness around every corner. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gillie turns 14!

See the candles? 1 and 4. The Mommies are so clever. Traditional birthday red velvet cake by Maddie.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Rose pics (both types)

At the International Rose Test Garden.

Rain damage from our recent spate of record setting storms is most apparent in the lighter roses. As always, click to embiggen. If you want *really* big versions for your desktop or whatever, email me. I have 40 more. :)

The kid isn't one of ours. I just thought she was adorable.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Bonus mini pic (sorry, I was too far away and it was dark in the arena) - but I had to show off Bridget's excellent posture. She was ON and posing the entire class, while the other girls (and one guy) slumped and slept. Bravo!

I love my camera!!!

Last week I finally gave in and got a new charger for my camera. The original is packed somewhere and I was trying to hold out... but Matt found me one on eBay for $8. So... Yay! I have photographic capability again! These shots are from a McMinnville horse show, starring Bridget (in sparkly black) and Starbuck (in gleaming chestnut). Also: Seamus escaping from a locked horse trailer, Tommy "doing his girl impression," Paddy washing Darby (the paint), all the girls washing Darby, and Matt hugging our own sweet Gillian.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Return to Slobby Island

Sauvie Island is great place for pick-your-own, fishing, hiking, and generally sucking up the green. Matt & I had a great picnic today. The blackberry bushes are just blooming. We'll go back in August to harvest their tiny delectables. Raise your hand if you want to come along!