Sunday, September 04, 2011

1929 Singer Model 66

For those of you not on Facebook, here's my newest project (because sure, I have "extra" time!).

Found at a local Salvation Army. The machine seems to work well (the wheel turns silky smooth, and the needle goes up and down), but I don't have a power cord for it or a pedal. Did these even HAVE pedals? I haven't done much research yet - I've only had the thing for a few days. And it's living at my friend's house so I can't look at it now.

She has a garage, and we're doing tandem woodworking projects. She's into "shabby chic" so quick and dirty is working well for her. Sadly, I'm more of a perfectionist. So far I sanded off the horrible cracked varnish and did some wood fill for the worst chips. Next: stain and re-varnish. I am considering ebony stain with a hint of gold trim.

As always, click on pics for a bigger view. Thoughts? Info?