Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's what we know...

We know we are returning to Portland soon. We do not have an exact date. We had planned early March, but our landlord decided to ignore our verbal contact (discussed multiple times since before the last annual renewal) and now refuses to let us leave early. Jerk. Since we are stuck paying rent through April, and Matt hasn't signed yet.... *sigh* Watch this space. I am considering it tuition in the university of life. From now on, I'll get it in writing.

I have found a wonderful woman to take care of my patients, but I probably shouldn't announce it officially until we've signed paperwork (see, I'm learning!).

It's going to be interesting, financially, with no income in March. Hopefully Dr. Matt will be employed soon. We're getting great offers (financially speaking) but they are out in the wilds of Oregon. It's all about finding the right clinic that will put us near the kids. We've learned that with jobs, as with love, it's best to hold out for what you really want. :)