Monday, December 31, 2007

Just had to share...

Here's Matt, taking a nap. He likes to cover his eyes to block the light, but this time I think he went a bit far.

Boxcar Cattle

Everyone knows that the real recipients of the giving season are the felines. They get all the boxes. Here's Fatboy in all his cardboard-loving glory.

I heart Macs! And Xmas Pics

I took my laptop in the Apple store to deal with the failing USB ports. They sent it out and back in 2 days, and replaced the logic board. $1100 repair... free under warranty. Plus they upgraded my CPU. :) They even replaced my power cord since it had melted. It's true... once you go Mac, you'll never go back.

Without further ado, here are the belated holiday pics. Matt, Debbie, Girlie & son. NYC: A fabulous Mac counter salesboy. Windows near Penn Station. Blackberry & Peachy enjoying a nap by the radiator.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

How could I forget...

... the most exciting thing that happened this Christmas? Girlie, valiantly fighting the nicotine wars (and winning!!), needed something to do with her hands. She has joined the ranks of the fiberlicious.

I'm so proud!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Top Ten List for Cooking Christmas Dinner at the Rose Family Estate

By Girlie, who served as Master Chef Extraordinaire:

10. Unless you are MacGyver, perform an inventory before agreeing to cook a meal in an unfamiliar kitchen. A full soda bottle makes an excellent rolling pin, thanks for asking.

9. When the chicken boullion goes missing blame the most distant traveler. And then demand to search their suitcases.

8. Never assume that your cooking partner has enough common sense not grab something hot with his bare hands. Speak up or be ready with the burn cream.

7. If the above mentioned event comes to pass, don't be too harsh on your cooking partner. He'll be there for you when you end up burning yourself three times to his one.

6. When the non-cooks offer to help clean up, let them. We're commemorating the birth of the messiah, not the death of a martyr.

5. Despite long discussions about its pros and cons, canned or fresh, smooth or'll forget the cranberry sauce anyway.

4. The easiest way to boggle the minds of non-cook friends is to prove to them that real cinnamon buns do not come from a cylindrical container that pops when opened. Real gravy doesn't come from a jar, either.

3. When choosing a wine to drink while cooking, it's perfectly acceptable to choose one with bunnies on the label that with a coupon only cost you $6.99. Yes, it is. YES. IT. IS.

2. Never assume that your cooking partner won't pick the exact moment the turkey is done to have a bath, leaving you with the frenetic task of pulling the loose ends together. Just deal with it and blame him for the missing cranberry sauce, instead.

1. When mealtime is at last upon you, sit back and watch everyone else enjoy. Smile and nod at the praise, blush if you have to. (Then excuse yourself to hide the boullion in the distant travelers suitcase. No one needs to know you stuffed it in the junk drawer by mistake.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Hunting

Girlie's son (aka Wart, Brain Trust, Boy the Younger) is determined to catch Blackberry this morning. He's given up on flat out chasing, finally. He tried building the presents into a barricade around the tree, hoping to trap her in a dead end. He underestimated her agility and general wiggle-ability. He keeps rebuilding, and she keeps breeching.

Now he's got the wrapped boxes set up in a wall across the living room. I reminded him she can leap about chest-high, but he's convinced she'll be panicked and "forget" she can jump. It'll never happen, but they're both getting some great exercise. I love her insolent binkies every time she escapes.

The Jewess with a fake fir tree in the living room

It occurs to me that my blog is looking a bit odd for someone who considers herself one of the Chosen People. I'm ethnically Jewish, though, not religiously. To me it's a "Roots" thing - memories of Seder dinner at Aunt Joan's, etc. Somewhere along the way I've become thoroughly assimilated into the secular aspects of the holiday season. I sing along to carols on the radio and stick red bows on the cars and generally wander around grinning. Seeing the windows in NYC last night was amazing. Macy's on 34th St still has their old wooden escalators! The big halls had kind of a Harrod's* feel to them... am I the only person in the country who loves the crazy crush of shoppers at Christmas?

Anyway, it's an interesting phenomenon. I got all excited when seeing a mobile Menorah on the highway, but I don't have one in the house. Don't worry, I'm not going to launch into a psychosocial essay on minorities and culture - it's not that kind of blog - but I will make an effort next year to resurrect (sorry, couldn't resist) some Hebrew traditions.

Pics to follow when I resolve some USB issues.

Happy Holidays!

* Matt and I honeymooned in Edinburgh & London in my pre-blogging days. It was the best two weeks of my life. Ask me about it sometime if you have far too much time on your hands.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is a-coming!

The knitting is done (except for the stuff I gave up on), village and tree are up. My neighbor Carol brought over a red-wrapped tray of yummies. Tonight - Debbie flies in. Tomorrow - NYC! We're going to take in the windows and general urban festivities. It's my first visit (aside from Spin-Out) since I was a kid. I can't wait! Check out the awesome Playmobil Advent calendar Matt got me. It's got toys in it!

Blackberry just decided she can't wait any longer and opened one of my prezzies. I made her promise not to tell me what it is, and Girlie taped it back up.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finders Peepers!

Somebody left a pair of reading glasses here. Are they yours?

My "Beautiful?" Landy

I love my little truck, but the words that spring to mind are cute, adorable, tough, unique...

Imagine my surprise when a guy chased me down in a parking lot yesterday to rave over and over about how "beautiful" Shaun is. Hmm. Battered, multicolored, spouting clouds of white smoke, he's more Alfalfa than Sophia Loren. But hey, who am I to argue?

Sorry about not posting recently, but aside from all the Xmas knitting there's not much going on. And you either can't or don't want to hear about that.

Patience, grasshopper!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Pay It Forward... again!

I blogged about this once before, but some of the people who signed up didn't leave me contact info. So we'll try it again (thanks, Vorare!)...

Heather & Jenny in Chicago, you are good to go from the last round. I'll take the next three who agree to receive a hand-made surprise sometime within the next year (if I don't know you well, please share your blog / some other way for me to know what you'd like) and Pay It Forward to three more people. If you're not a knitter, make something else! Get creative. Have fun. Share the love!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Garage Day

A HUGE thank you to Tom, Bill, and Jeff. After a thorough inspection, I now have a slightly scary to-do list and a cleaner radiator. It turns out he's a Frankentruck: His cloth-wrapped wiring dates from the early 60's, and his front plate is more like '71. Series II, IIa, and III parts are scattered throughout. That's neither surprising nor bad news, necessarily. His frame is solid and the SPOT fixes (Stupid Previous Owner Trick) are relatively small. Overall, I'm very happy. Pictured: Bill using a Land Rover-type tool, and the guys on surgery consult.

For my knitsibs: Sorry about the lack of fiber content, but I'm working on all of my Christmas prezzies. I can't let the sheep out the bag, so to speak. To appease your need for fluff, here's Figgy, Fatboy, and Blackberry taking a nap at one end of the couch. Eventually the two cats wound up chasing dream mice head-to-head. I was on the other end, knitting on *someone's* surprise. Is it yours?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fred *is* the man

Fred not only sent me DVDs of the Shaun show mentioned below, but he updated modified a pic to show me driving and Matt trying to escape, er, looking out the back. I love his Simpson hands. Oh, and here's another cellphone pic at the dock with Denise. Check out his pretty silver trim!

The Arrival

We've imported 5 cars now. The first four (Wendolene, Feathers McGraw, Lady Tottington, and Preston) came through the port of Tacoma. It was about a 3 hour process all told to collect, although I once did it in under two hours.

The port of Baltimore, however, had its entry system designed by Rube Goldberg while he was on crack. Trusty roadtrip buddy Denise and I left her place at 9am. We got back to it at 7pm. I won't bore you with the details, but they involved massive semi truck traffic jams, "turn around" passes, and cards that must be stamped before you can leave... but of course they don't tell you that, so you have to dive back deep into the heart of darkness to *get* that stamp.

Anyway, the truck looks great, appropriately battered and utterly adorable, but I had a bad scare when I stopped at a Denise's house on the way back. I was horrified to see an oily water river streaming across the driveway. I was thinking blown gasket, (or worse) and cursing that eBay seller. Then I realized the spare battery he'd put in the left front floor space had tipped over, and was leaking. It went through the drain holes and washed off the undercarriage. Shaun was fine! *whew* Smokes a bit, but don't they all?

High on the priority list:
Seat that's actually fixed to the truck, heater (brrr!), fuel gauge, temp gauge, interior lights.

Tomorrow is Series Garage Day for the Rover Club, so I hope to actually learn something about my new baby.

USB on my computer is down, and Matt's is at work with him, so you'll have to survive with stock footage (thanks, Fred!) and a phone-video of his oh-so-basic dash, complete with engine sounds.