Monday, April 03, 2006

Pre-Easter Basketcases (The Case of the Missing Tulips)

The kids came to visit (along with our friends Chip and Cathy, who sadly were not photo-documented) and we had a pre-Easter romp. We took the scenic - Ferry to Whitby -Deception Pass route to the Skagit Tulip Festival, which was surprisingly bereft of tulips. Homemade ice cream eased our pain. Back at home, we Kool-Aid dyed and felted my pre-knit Easter baskets, then finished them off with a little needlefelting. Maddie's is a refreshing minty color, judiciously adorned with hearts and stars. Gillie's only half-felted, thanks to Daddy taking a bath and hogging all the hot water, so she wound up with a lovely spring green purse. It has subtle stripes, due to mixing 2 yarns, and she designed the "bunny sniffing flower" motif - so at last we did end up with some tulip-y joy. Additional purple and pink knit rabbits were hopping around, but they evaded the photographer. Toss in a game of Life (Spongebob Edition, naturally!) and you've got a great weekend!
For those of you asked: The girls are straight from their morning showers, thus the wet hair.