Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Pattern: Tiny Tops!

This is a 3 page PDF that describes two construction methods for making miniature sweaters. They are intended to be Christmas tree or Hannukkah Bush ornaments, but can be easily converted to lapel pins, finger puppets, etc. The purple one didn't photograph well, but it says "2009." It's posted it on Ravelry now. If you aren't on the Rav, drop me an email and I'll mail it to you. But if you want this pattern, you should be. Just sayin.'

Let it snow!

Yay! The holidays! I don't even care that my morning walkies now mean frozen thighs or that Wensleydale *hates* starting when it's chilly. I'm having a lot of fun knitting like crazy and of course I can't show off anything until after it's all opened. So here are some pretty pics of snowflakes to tide you over.

Also - I have been run over by a freight train of creativity and now have FOUR new kilt hose patterns and an intricate lace shawl needing to make it from my head to my computer. I'll be needing some test knitters for sure! I am just far too tragically slow to make these all happen in less than, say, 2 years with my current schedule, and there are so many other things I want to make, too! Why isn't that cloning technology here yet? Haven't they been promising that for decades now?

Amazing news - the drive recovery people say they saved 99% of my stuff! I'm waiting anxiously for it to arrive to see for sure if my about-to-be-submitted pattern survived. *fingers crossed*

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I lost 5 pounds!

I am LOVING this Wii. Today I did basic step and table tilt. Boxing made me sore sore sore in that phenomenal "yes-I-had-an-awesome-workout-yesterday" way. Last week I did so much hula hoop I gave myself temporary hip bursitis. :) It's so hard to be sensible and build up gradually when you're having so much fun!

Thank you Sister Nancy!!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I won!

Twisted (my soon-to-be-favorite LYS in Portland - I spent a fortune at their Sock Summit booth) liked my entry in their "fiber animal haiku" contest:

Fresh, newborn lamb bleats
Wobbly knees and flapping tail
Future is all wool

Lucky me, I won Cat Bordhi's innovative new book, Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters.
Hmm... I seem to do pretty well in these little challenges - I should get cracking on that acupuncture book. And maybe I should include little knitting poems between discussions of Yin and Yang...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And the winners are...!

This whole process has been very educational. I realized that my epic pattern stash was no longer exactly what I needed. I'd outgrown a lot of the ideas, and my tastes changed away from some others... I was a lot pickier about grabbing patterns this go 'round. I still managed to collect about 100 (here's a hint: When you like a design, seek out everything that author has generated!) but they are all things I really want to make. No more "maybe sortas." I even cleaned out my Ravelry queue and reduced it by about 40%. It's still astronomical. :)

I finally faced the fact that I'm a slow knitter, and a busy girl (I'm supposed to be writing a book on top of running my business and working full time), so I have to prioritize. Right now I'm slaving away on a pair of kilt hose for Matt (my own design!), but after that and some obligatory Xmas knitting I'm starting on Spanish Armada. Well, the center of it. Things are going to twist south from there. Stand by for details. :)

Without further ado... Purple (who gave me the gift of a Mermaid knockoff) and Ikkinlala (who suggested Pamina) are the winners! I've emailed you - just let me know your yarn choices and your addresses. :) I'm sorry I couldn't award prizes to everyone who entered. You were all so wonderful and generous! Thanks again, so SO much! I WILL be rewarding you with two free patterns, coming soon...