Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Art Room - Organized!

Our guest room doubles as an art room. It contains a queen-sized bed (I'm serious when I invite people to come stay!) and 4 Ikea pieces that look new, but I plucked them off Craigslist for a total of $40! The dresser contains my roving and odd balls. I've staged 2 Roman battles on top, with a considerable amount of creative license. On the left, Gluteus Maximus faces off against two giant Angora goats. To the right, Cerberus confronts Primus, Secundus, and Tertius in a standard shield formation. Their legionaire Pantsius Minimus leads from the rear, while color guard Odor Permeatus (named for his wolf's head costume) cheers them on from the front line. The non-pictured wardrobe is mostly empty, but holds a sewing machine and mini fabric stash. The two bookcases you can see for yourself. Girlie keeps her guitar(s) and painting supplies in here, too.

The labels are just paper slipped between the fiber and inside wall of the bin, for easy changing. I bought the boys at Hamley's in London when we went to get Preston last May. It was deliciously fun to declare "Roman Army" as a purchase on the Customs form.


deb said...

OMG - look at all the fiber! You need to gt to work!

Can't wait to see you!!!

Dorothy said...

I love that you have battles going on in your guest room! Are guests allowed to play?

Sharon Rose said...

Of course! As long as the boys don't pick up too many scars... you should probably keep them away from the cats! :)

Heather Shaffer said...

Now THAT'S a stash! Great room, can't wait to sleep in it! Glad you're here!