Monday, August 27, 2007

1st Annual Philly Knitty Fest

Jas organized this little gathering of Knitty forum readers, which rapidly "spun" out of control into a rampage of international wool fiends. Please note that these pics only represent a small percentage of attendees! A few quotes should sum it up:

"You know there have been ho's in this hotel."

"I've found my people."

"Tell him the yarn store was giving out free samples."

"Assault with a deadly napkin."

"Coffee with babies in it"

"I poke people for yarn."

"Do we need to put velcro on your ass?"

"You'll poke people for anything."

"I'm my mom's own little Asian sweatshop."

"There was some sex and then there were some babies born."

"I think grey with an 'a' looks dumb."

"It was the shorts that really disturbed me."

"Tickle me Koigu"

"An epiphany every round"

"I looked at her boobs and thought 'She's not with us.'"

"Hail Odin!"

"It's a knitting miracle"

"If it explodes under me, it's not my ass, it's the chair."

"Did you put out for him?"

"Even Amy can't distract me from clearance yarn!"

"I swore you said there were monkeys in Portland."

"This fell off, where do you want me to stick it?"

"We need some fiber to push it through."

"I'm eating someone else's cheesesteak!"

"Are you getting any back there?"

"Mel's dropping her balls"

"She's going to True Value for a good screw."

Can't wait for next year! Thanks, everyone... There's nothing like making a passel of new best friends while touching merino and silk. :)


Michelle said...

Love the taxi, and it was great to meet you! I've already used the pressure point you showed me.

Now.. did you mention home visits? :) I'll take you to Rosie's :)

Sharon Rose said...

Heck yeah! As we all know... I poke people for yarn! :)

Trillian42 said...

You and Wendolene (and your kilt-clad hubby) all kick ass! Anytime you want to come to DC, you just give me a holler, ok?



PS And I still say you'll poke people for anything. ;)

emma said...

I had so much fun. Damn this makes me miss you even more.

roxy =^o^= said...

Doctor doctor...

Sharon many hugs and kisses being sent your way -- you are my yarn and shrimp soul mate!

I miss you - we must get together sooooooooooooooon and poke away LOL


Sharon Rose said...

Hey gorgeous! I miss you too! When are you coming back north? Huuuurrrryyy!!!!

SparkCrafted said...

holy hilarious overheards!

i shall make your blog one of my hafta-reads!!!