Friday, August 03, 2007

No Sheep for Me II - More silk!

Once again, my NS4U Secret Pal (not so secret anymore) has soared above and beyond the call of duty. Check out the booty:

1) 2 skeins of silk in a lovely French blue. The texture is actually fluffy and quite wool-like!
2) Biscotti (yum!)
3) some sort of instant yummy hot drink mix (shall be scrumptious with (2), I believe)
4) A blue hard-shelled notions case
5) Blue birdy scissors to go in the case
6) 5 stitch markers with sapphire crystals (my FAVE color!)
7) more stitch jewelry
8) Ginger (my fave flavor!!) lemon cookies
9) wool washer
10) Choco Altoid mints

All wrapped up in sparkley blue paper and topped with a cute card.
Kris, my knitted hat is off to you. May your future upstream swappers be embarrassingly generous!

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