Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Men can be really stupid

Here's my Craigslist ad:


I'm an acupuncturist that has recently moved here from the Seattle area. While waiting for my Pennsylvania licensing paperwork, I'm offering my acupressure and osteopathic-style bodywork sessions at a reduced introductory rate: $60/ hour

I can ease tight muscles and relieve pain with a gentle, intelligent touch. I have great success treating migraines, sleep disorders, back / neck / joint pain, TMJ, and anxiety. My specialty is musucloskeletal complaints. I have experience working on everyone from Olympic athletes to fibromyalgia patients. Techniques include Trager, percussion, Still, myofascial, counterstrain, muscle energy, and Tuina. FREE smoking cessation treatments available.

My new office is inside the Spirit of Yoga Wellness Center in Downingtown. Home visits are also available with an additional fee depending on your location. I live near Paoli. Appointments are available 8am to 6pm.

Please note that I *DO NOT* provide contact of a sexual nature: I am a professional healthcare provider. The keywords below are only to help people find me who may be uncomfortable seeking medical treatment from a more conservative office.
Please call 484-238-8127
Sharon Rose

keywords: bisexual lesbian gay queer friendly poly polyfidelity polyamorous transgender transman transgirl dominant submissive bdsm kinky alternative lifestyle tattoo blue hair "family of choice" gentle effective healing therapy medicine


Still, I get mail from guys listing their height / weight, asking what I wear, asking for a pic. WTF? These people need help that I cannot provide. Unfortunately I can't actually post that picture.

FYI: This is completely legal - there's no licensure requirement for "massage" in PA.


Alia said...

Yeah, Alia won't be seeing her 6:45 from last night again.

"You can move the sheet."

"No thanks."

"No really. I'm not an undercover cop...are you?

"No, but I'm here for massage, and massage only. I maintain professionality"

"We can be professional."


Sharon Rose said...

I think the appropriate response is "No, but I'm here for massage and massage only. If you're looking for more maybe you should leave." Then a boot to the head! :)

Jennifer said...

You're a woman! You want me to pay you to touch me! You like sex! You will let me pay you to have sex with you!


emma said...

Gee I must be so naive. I figure when I pay for a massage that is all I get. Didn't know I was supposed to beg/plead/suggest for more :-)