Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why do my plans always have to change?

Preston's wipers don't work. Pulling over on the side of a dark, rainy highway in midnight Montana doesn't appeal to me, so they have to be repaired. And some jerk stole the faceplate of the stereo along with the rear DVD, so I might get another jukebox installed while I'm at it. We're going to have to replace it at some point, and having music for my journey sure would be nice. Possible escapeage of the gravity of the PacNW Black Hole on Monday afternoon, but Tuesday seems more likely somehow.

Pics: My friend Holly, who has become a juggler and hula-hooper extraordinare (at the same time, folks!). Alex's giant millipede Ichabod exploring the wilds of my arm. Preston outside Pike Place market. Pardon the cell-phone pics, please!

1 comment:

emma said...

Sorry you missed your scheduled departure time but hopefully you had fun on your extra day in town.

Oh and that big steamer? $35.99!!! I fit 1.5lbs in it tonight with plenty of room to spare.