Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm home

Yesterday was just good solid drivin'. I found some excellent front doors. Elkhart, Indiana (that's where I was) to home in 12.5 hours. Continued writing love songs to each member of my family, including cars & cats. When I have some more sleep and can think straight(er) I'll figure out now to create a link on here to a file, in case anybody wants to sing along.


Annie said...

Welcome home.. glad you made it safe. But, sorry you left too!!

Judy said...

Glad you got home OK! Hope your travels went well. Did the last leg of the trip hold any points of interest as fascinating as the painting on black velvet? :D


Anonymous said...

What the heck is a "front door?" A wormhole?

Sharon Rose said...

Hey Jess!

Well.. kind of. :) Although my CB wasn't working for the trip, I communicated with truckers via body language and lights. I found that having the antenna got me attention and respect from the drivers. They assumed I knew what I was doing. :)

A "front door" is a truck in front of you, opening the way. In addition to saving you gas as you draft, the lead driver has a good view of the upcoming terrain and any hazards (including police). They are also monitoring the CB for news.

In my book there are 3 requirements for a good front door driver: He or she has to be interactive, professional, and predictible. I look for someone who makes eye contact, is holding the CB mike, maintains a steady pace, signals, etc.

Simply invaluable!