Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oacoma, SD

Not much milage today. I played tourist instead. Deadwood was fun - I took a tour and saw the cemetery. For lunch, it was Wall Drug and a buffalo burger. I met a giant rabbit there. Then I discovered 1880 Town: An entire mini town with about 20 buildings you can wander around in. Plus a museum. Plus a bunch of Dances With Wolves props. Plus for $5 you can dress up in their period costumes and take pics of yourself all over the town. Plus I got to pet Buck, the horse who played Cisco. Pretty neato. Again, these are all cell phone pics, so bear with me!


deb said...

I love the cell phone pix! I got your text message. I'm such a dweeb - I've never sent a text message!

Sharon Rose said...

In Rochester, MN tonight, guest of the lovely & talented Judy & Don. Details & pics tomorrow. Now, I sleep.