Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spearfish, SD

Preston continues to perform flawlessly, aside from his sluggish hill climbs.

Low points: Hitting a bird and driving 100 miles looking at blood and brain.

Having a fuel pump explode, showering Preston and me with diesel. Both of us required baths / costume change. And we were charged for the fuel.

Attempting sleep in the parking lot of a Best Western, having found No Vacancy for the past 1.5 hours. Giving up and driving another hour.

High points: Sharing a rest stop with a flock of jealous hot-rod octogenarians.

Seeing a fox and a Peregrine falcon (that may have been Day 1).

Writing alternative lyrics to 4 songs - details later.

Finally getting a shower, rinsing off the sweat, grit, and diesel. Sliding into a cool, firm bed with an abundance of squooshy pillows. Perfection.

Today: I'm so close to Deadwood, I can't resist dropping by.


Amy said...

Does your taxi take diesel? What kind of mileage? (I'm a diesel driver too, though not with such an unusual car!)

Sharon Rose said...

Yes, diesel! My Wendolene gets 20 in town / 27 on the highway. If I recall correctly Preston gets about 35 on flat English highways, but I've been hitting the mountains pretty hard.

Sharon Rose said...

BTW: I had to throw out the clothes I was wearing during the diesel eruption. My favorite bra, favorite shorts, an awesome tank top, and a blue shirt (I changed before I got a shower) were all still reeking after 3 turns in the washer. :(

Amy said...

Bummer! I hope I never take a diesel bath.

I've been saying I want a diesel Outback for the mileage and hauling room, but there's no such thing. Maybe I really need an English taxi!

Sharon Rose said...

I think you do! :) Let me know if you want help acquiring one.