Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alberton, MT

Here’s the post I was writing in my head (when driving for 6 hours straight your mind seeks something to focus on):

“My three favorite things today: Alia’s mix CDs, Preston, Rain-Ex. In no particular order. Roadtrips are the perfect way to enjoy the stunning beauty and diversity of our continent’s landscape.”

Then it started raining harder. I loved Rain-Ex the most now. I honestly didn’t need my (inoperable) wipers, thanks to the multiple coats. I considered pulling off, but I could see just fine and Missoula was an hour away… I wanted to get that far, at least.

Then the lightning got really close. Heather, remember that epic storm we rode Victor through on I-10? The one surrounded by three hurricanes? This one wasn’t as fireworky, but it was certainly as blinding. And Preston was leaking not only on both my feet, but from a few places overhead, too. The first possible hotel was definitely getting my business.

Then the hail started. Both windows down, of course, to keep the windscreen defogged.

Passed a number of “no services” exits, and finally landed here, in this cute oh-so-Montana River Edge Motel. After wading through a puddle up to my knees I checked in, drenched head to toe. There’s no internet or cell coverage, but this place really is adorable. The staff (owners?) let me use their landline to alert the media that I was still alive.

What a fun day! I hope it’s drier tomorrow, though. :)

Note: Posted 1:30am when I was inexplicably able to get a WiFi signal.


Annie said...

Poor Sharon. Leaky cars are the pits. I thought you were gonna get those windshield wipers fixed before you left! Well, I suppose it keeps life interesting :P
Take care the rest of the way.. Love ya

Sharon Rose said...

I need a wiper motor, and a substitute brand won't fit. I have a Taxi one coming from my guy in the UK.

Sharon Rose said...

PS - Turns out the stereo face & DVD were removed my Ray, my UK contact. He intended to mail them, to prevent theft, but forgot to post them or tell me. *laugh* So they are on the way, too.

emma said...

Glad to hear you made your first leg of the trip safely. The stereo & DVD thing is just funny.
Take care!!

deb said...

Glad to hear that you made it that far! I, too, thought that your wipers would have been working before you left. I hope you don't hit any more rain storms!

RobosapienX said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. I can't wait to hear about the next leg of the trip ;) (this is sonja btw)