Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rochester, MN

The trip continues to be outrageously fun. No music (too much wind noise to use the Discman, Alex, thanks anyway!) and no CB (imagine that, something not working on a London Taxi) for 4 days of driving has provided a grand opportunity for some serious thinking and equally profound landscape appreciation. I regret that my cell phone takes absolutely wretched scenery pics, so you'll have to do the drive yourself. I've been re-writing more song lyrics. So far I've covered "A Few of my Favorite Things," "Cecilia," "We Will Rock You," "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," "Always a Woman," "Turn the Page," and a few more. Of course I'm texting Matt and sending him a constant stream of pics, everything from kittens to purple glass doorknobs. Girlie sent me this from home: I feel like a GI!

The Corn Palace of Mitchell, SD is this bizarre Taj-Mahal-sort-of-thing that is redecorated with a new theme every year since 1892. Google "corn palace" images for a glimpse into the wierdness.

These wonderful people, Judy & Don, offered not only a place to stay, but a phenomenal dinner (chicken on the grill, salad, the best corn on the planet) and some great conversation on engine sounds and world travel. Their '62 Triumph motorcycle looked great next to Preston. Judy & I met through MS3. She also spins, weaves, and does fused glass. She even gave me one of her terrific flamey beads on a necklace after I worked on her hip. J&D: I publicly reinforce my invitation to come see Philly and stay with us. Cheeeeeeesesteeeeaaaaakkkssss!

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