Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Knitting Doldrums

My little clinic has been mega-busy the past few weeks. My brain is exhausted... I just can't tackle those socks. You know... the ones I started on last year and still haven't turned the heel on? In short, since I finished the Fire Blanket I've felt stuck like a Yugo in a tarpit. With a broken axle.

I have lots of great yarn, and a million things I want to make, but nothing seems to ever get done. This has been particularly frustrating with Girlie holding up a new Finished Object every ten minutes or so. I have two sweaters mostly done, and no desire to finish either. Instead, I'm hankering to crank out a bulky comfy cardi for the few cool evenings left. But then again I should wait, because it IS March already, and hopefully next winter I'll need a smaller size... I wind up just surfing Ravelry endlessly, reading about fiber art more than creating it. And adding even more projects to the already overburdened queue.

I did spin my Enchanted Knoll roving into yarn for Ravelry pal Eva in Germany I've marked entrelac (frogged, as I disliked the project, but I learned the skill which was the goal) off the list. Today I taught myself Continental knitting, and started a kid's hat using two handed knitting (a different yarn in each hand, switching back and forth to create a colorwork pattern). Purling left-handed for the brim was a challenge, but it was really fun once I got the rythym of it.

What I really need to be working on are my slippers of the Sea Socks contest. I have a concept in mind and it'll take a while. But I've already started that colorwork tam. Oh well. I almost don't care... it feels good to be productive again!


Trillian42 said...

Now, now - don't compare yourself - Girlie is only crocheting after all. Nothing *really* hard. ;) (I kid - I crochet, too.)

And I need to come up with an idea for my slippers. I need a new pair, and I think it will be fun to decorate them.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful yarn! I was just looking at her roving this afternoon. I know what you mean about getting things done - I have a friend that is constantly blogging her FO's while I'm looking at my basket of UFO's...and queue-ing more on Ravelry!

Ilix said...

A bulky sweater would knit up so fast! You could totally do it!

BTW, you won my contest!!
Check out my blog for details...
hope to hear from you soon!