Friday, March 28, 2008

Art inspires more Art!

Laura over at The Unique Sheep (love that logo) recently held a photo contest to spark some spring-themed colorways. I won - Twice! Here are my pics and the yarns they spawned.

The French lavender is from our neighborhood in Mt. Tabor, back when we lived in Portland, OR. I used to go for walks all the time and just snap shots of the neighbors' foliage.

The sheep were taken in England, on our trip to get our latest taxi, Preston (see blog archives for April 2007). These particular sheep were between Stonehenge and Bath. I grabbed the tufts of wool from the fence to share with my VY&T knitting / spinning circle back home. I also brought them cheese and crackers from Harrod's in London. Need to go back!!!


Knittymama said...

Wow, those are gorgeous!!!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn! Congrats on winning!

Ursula said...

Congrats! Beautiful yarn, great pics! Have anything in mind yet?