Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks, Aunt Joan!!!

Yesterday Girlie and I trekked down to Fairfax, VA to visit my family. Matt was on call at the hospital, so he couldn't join us. It was (maternal) Grandpa Joe's 86th birthday, so I made him a kippah. It was a good-sized party, attended by Grandpa's wife Alisha (obs!), my <------ Mom & Dad, their giant White Shepard Mosby, (paternal) Grandma Rose (that's her first name, my maiden name is Silverman), and Aunt Joan & Uncle Mike. Alisha used to be big into crocheting, so she enjoyed talking to Girlie. I'll have more family pics to post once my parents send me theirs (hint hint). Joan just bought herself a new car, so she was sweet enough to give us her old one!!! It's a '90 Volvo 240DL, and in beautiful shape. She got a jaunty cranberry hat in return. My Dad put some work into it (thank you SO much!) and now we actually have one car per person (Shaun is still being lazy). As for the naming process... what else do you call an enormous surprise Swedish gift? Skor!

(Please forgive the excessive use of parenthesis in this post.)

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