Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another high-fiber weekend

Spent last Friday with Jas and Jamie. I hadn't met her before, but the project she was working on quickly broke the ice. It was a birthday surprise for a friend. He sure won't be getting blue from the cold. After Jamie fled the area, Jas and I trekked to Baltimore for Stitches East. We met up with Roxy & Pam. We were all uncharacteristically well-behaved and spent time rather than money. I was able to barter therapeutic bodywork for 2 incredible enamel pins (The blue one is for my MS3. I still want this and this and these to make earrings. And this.). Then onto some seriously authentic Thai food. Jas grew up in Bangkok, so speaking her native tongue with the owner was a nice appetizer.

Tomorrow - RHINEBECK!!!! I'll be wearing light-up bunny ears and Matt will be with me (as long as he can stand it).

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emma said...

I got a Gita Maria shawl pin at OFFF too. They are beautiful.
You heading to Rhinebeck this weekend?