Monday, October 29, 2007


We just saw Matt on TV!

The National Geographic channel is running a trio tonight on dwarfism, giantism, and conjoined twins. When we visited Philly last January for Matt's interviews, we went to the Mutter. Lori and Reba happened to be there - in fact the cameraman backed up at one point and bonked me pretty hard. :) It was especially amusing given we were the only people there (It was 2 minutes past opening).

Anyway, you can see Matt peering into the glass cases in the background.

How cool is that? Being a total geek is indeed its own reward.

Just wait til Lovely Bones is out...


Anonymous said...

wow, I just went thru some of the blog.......disturbing some of it. animals wearing clothes.clothes wearing may be all too much for me! love and miss you anyways!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Okay, time for bed. I didn't see the "r" in the word "peering" so I must really need some sleep!

PS: Here is my favorite from Cute Overload. :)

Bunny hugs!