Friday, September 21, 2007

Joy to the Girl!

I just got my Ashford Joy. I mean I literally got home with it 10 minutes ago. Set it up, spun just about 30 yards of alpaca, and stopped to tell you all. And to thank the Universe. It's unusual to find a (barely) used wheel these days, and thanks to Ravelry I scored a terrific one.

I am so, so lucky. I love my life. I have absolutely everything I need, and more than a few of the things I want. It's almost embarrassing!

Matt is so good to me. He came with me tonight and is impressed with its construction and operation. He used to be a textile guy and has worked with giant floor looms. I keep hoping he'll want to weave again but he's got bodies on the brain these days. Anyway, it's wonderful to have a spouse / best friend who truly gets you and your interests.

Okay, enough with the glowing. Back to the wheel!


Judy said...

Oh, you'll have fun spinning with your Joy. Did you get a single or double treadle? And how did Ravelry help you find it?

Sharon Rose said...

Double, of course.

I posted in a forum about trying the Sonata and not being pleased. I was musing out loud about a Joy being the next option. Heather saw it and let me know she needed to part with hers to make room for her new Majacraft... the rest is history.

Dorothy said...

Sharon - I'm so excited that you are at such a wonderful point in your life! Enjoy!

emma said...

Congrats on the new wheel. Have fun at Rhinebeck for me!