Monday, September 17, 2007

Alex's version of me

When in Seattle last month I let Alex have some fun with my hair and makeup. I look like a sort of 1920's goth. I have some great shots of my friends, too, but I promised them veto power before blogging and I currently lack permission.


Tracy said...

I was just thinking the other day about how much I missed you. xxoo

shuttergoddess said...

LOVE THIS! Are you keeping it?

I wandered over looking for political talk. I know you are one of the early Edwards supporters and I wanted to hear more in depth. I have been all over everyone trying to understand opinions, choices, and preferences. I think what the deal is that I am aching to find someone viable for whom I'd like to make some sort of effort. Mr. Edwards has always impressed me on a number of fronts, but why is he not sharpening those courtroom litigator teeth and getting busy. Lead someone! Lead!!!

It is funny - I tell myself that it is not thaaaaaat different out here, but your East Coast pictures look so... East Coasty, and somehow that says holiday to me...