Thursday, September 06, 2007

Avoiding temptation

So, I finally got into Ravelry, and I can already see how it could be a major challege to my time management. Yes, I've gotten my art room organized, but if I take the time to upload my stash, my planned projects, my UFOs (unfinished objects, for you non-fiber types)... plus get sucked into the forums and posts and looking at other people's stuff... I'll never knit another stitch! Thus, regrettably, I must forego most of Ravelry's opportunities.

I am slowly but surely building my acupuncture practice, and it's starting to take off, now that I'm home for a bit (I just got back from Seattle's Gender Odyssey. My suitcase is getting a bit ragged about the edges!) and can book some appointments. Don't forget to tell your afflicted friends. Nothing makes me happier than moments like this morning: I labored over a torn rotator cuff, then asked the owner to get up and move it around. His face lit up as he put his arm through its range of motion. "There's no recoil pain!" He was surprised (why is it we never expect pain to actually go away?), we were both happy, and of course hugs ensued. :) I love my life.

Speaking of temptation, my weight loss program is going beautifully. My butt is noticably smaller. Yay!

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