Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Things that happened in Portland

a) [before we got to Portland] Another airline clerk fell in love with Matt's legs and bumped us to an exit row.

1) We saw the kids. Lopey Lou suddenly resembles Audrey Hepburn (when she's not grinning ear to ear), while Maddie is channeling Joan Jett. Laura and Ann (the Mommies) both looked happy and healthy, too.

2) Matt's interview went swimmingly. More importantly, he really liked the clinic and the staff and feels he'd be happy there. It's pretty far out (Firwood) but he says that gives him more time to enjoy his car. :)

3) We saw friends Tammy, Nicole, and Andrew. Bad pics, great conversations.

4) We rented an apartment!! No mean feat, since we were hunting for a month-to-month while we buy, and have 3 cattle! The place we found is full of light and has a perfect cat window - superwide and looks out on bird-filled trees. The boys will be ecstatic. It's a little further west than ideal, but only 10 minutes from downtown. And it's half the rent we're paying now. :)

5) No Burgerville this trip. But I did have a Redneck Benedict (poached eggs, country friend chicken, biscuits & gravy), which firebombed my work on the Wii Fit Plus for the past month but was still worth it.

6) Matt liked his breakfast bacon so much that when we couldn’t finish it he stuck it in his beef jerky bag for later. My husband is weird but assures me it will be consumed before it becomes a health hazard.

We will be headed out on the 10th, most likely.

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Tracy said...

Ooh, how exciting! I am so happy for you, and boy have those kids grown!

All your hard work is finally paying off. xxoo