Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 2 (Again)

655 miles today. Chased the sunset, loving that dark blue band over the last strip of light at the horizon. The giant Iowa windmills were turning lazily... really pretty. But hard to capture by cell camera while moving. :)

Today's song is for my wonderful husband, to the tune of "Home, Home on the Range."

Matt, oh Matt he's strange.
With Corgis and Pez he does play
He seldom wears pants
but he makes the cats dance.
How he craves Japanese eel fillet!

Matt, smarter than Tina Fey,
He swears he's really not gay!
Has a hot tattooed bod,
Never sans his iPod,
And he makes up new words, but that's k!

Matt, hip, hip, Hurray!
On the couch with his headwrap he'll lay.
Used to make things for war,
Now he soothes blood and gore,
Sends me clever texts about his day!


Nae said...

I love that song! It's funny because it's true. :)

Cozy Tiny said...

That is a great song! D laughed too when I showed him.