Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Settling in

So... we're here. Settling in nicely. Or at least we will be when our stuff arrives, tomorrow. It'll be great to have furniture again. Right now we have a blow-up bed but no chairs, so we eat sitting on the floor. With paper plates. :)

Our temporary apartment is wonderful: Very large, very open, with tall ceilings, a fireplace, and a cat window. Within 2 miles we have not one but TWO Fred Meyers (think Target + grocery store), Home Depot, Target, a great yarn store that carries roving, and Uwajimaya (sort of a Japanese Fred Meyer)... and it's half the rent we've been paying! It'll almost be a shame to move when we find our house.

Even better is reuniting with our friends. Nicole, Stephen, and Tammy have made us very happy. I went to a big social event this weekend and was surprised to see so many old friends from my previous life here. We've all evolved... gained and lost weight, or hair, and one even changed gender. I'm also busily making new friends. :) The one thing that hasn't changed is the love... I feel so at home and comfortable here. *sigh* It's good to be back.

I do have to make a quick trip back to Philly this Friday. The transport company finally admitted they had failed to even pick Wensleydale UP - they were supposed to collect her on the 10th. So I am flying back and will drive her home.

Diane, this pic is just for you. :)


FiberQat said...

I love Uwajimaya! I especially like to visit the bookstore in the back and browse through the craft books. The yarn shop just opened up late last year and I haven't gotten to it yet but others have said it's quite nice.

Sharon Rose said...

Hey sweetie! Yeah, it's awesome! They carry Malabrigo, Handmaiden, all sorts of great stuff. Come visit!

Susan said...

So glad you are happy! We miss you in PA.

Diane Dunn said...

Thank you!!!!!!

I was just looking for you - I'll send a message. Saw something, and just thought of YOU!

Glad you are settling in and right (back)at home... We do miss you.