Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 1 (Again)

I've done plenty of cruising around this big gorgeous country, and I love roadtrips, but not this one.

I've already done the route (what, a week ago?).

It's not a pretty route.

I have no partner or music.

As I always do, I have used this time in the saddle to compose new songs. Well... new lyrics to old songs.
To the tune of "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" I give you "When You Already Know the Way."

Making your way cross the USA
Can be cold, it can be hot;

Mountains to look at, trees to shade

Sure can help a lot.
But it's no fun when you know the way

If you go South, you get Waffle House,

If North, Badlands countreeee
But driving due west,
It ain't the best

There isn't much to seeee.

You don't need a map,

or a phone with an app,

Cuz you've done it all before.

Seventy-Six, Eighty, Eighty-Four.

Ok, not my BEST work. Tomorrow I'll give you "Front Door" and maybe "Home."
By the way, Wensleydale is getting 27.7mpg at 70-75 mph. Love that cab. :)


Tracy said...

Ha. Nice. I wrote a country song on our road trip once. I don't remember it, thank God.

Diane said...

So, are you taking exactly the same route this time?

Cozy Tiny said... write songs too?! I gave writing a shot a long time ago. Very glad that all those papers have disappeared.