Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boy, is my face red!

For two reasons... First, that box of unique glass buttons I bought at the Tucson show? The one I left at VY&T and had written off as lost? Found it! Apparently the elusive little bugger leapt out of my knitting bag sometime between coming home and my next knitting session. It was tucked under the edge of a bookcase. I wonder if a cat had anything to do with that?

I also have a bizzare facial rash that so far is a complete mystery to medical science. No new soaps, detergents, foods, etc. It's been a week now. The raised red blotches are all over my face and ears, but nowhere else. At first it was just ugly, but after two days of feeling like a bad sunburn (radiating heat, tight & itchy, tender to the touch) with pitting edema, we've resorted to steroids to kill the inflammation. This pic was taken 5 hours after the first dose, and the blotches are much reduced already. BTW, for you science-y types, the anti-SM, VDLR, ESR, WBC, ASA, RF and ANA levels were normal, so no RA or Lupus.

Great news: Wallace has been adopted by a nice (medical!) couple in Texas. Good thing he's got A/C!


emma said...

I'm so glad you found the buttons and a new home for Wallace. Hopefully the rash will go away soon.

Annie said...

OH hooooray you found the buttons! I'm so glad. Ooo that rash looks like it hurts. There has to be something new in your envirionment to cause that? Cleaning solvents in Totty or something? Hope it goes away soon.
Glad to hear you found a home for Wallace. I will miss him.

FiberQat said...

It's stress, hon. You're leaving the relative comforts of Seattle and dashing off to the hinterlands of Philadelphia. You need to do a quiet meditative road trip to Woodland Woolworks to fondle fiber.

Sharon Rose said...

You are SO right! I really love prednosine. I went to see the girls today and my face looks almost normal, just a bit sunburned. :)
Road trip, anyone?

KenGoldsmith said...

I have something similar/same. And my dermatologist, one of the best in Wash DC, is stumped but we're trying new things. Have you learned anything more? We're up to something like atopical dermatitis/eczema, triggered by stress, some possible fungus in pillows or dust mites, or else I have a poltergeist. Cute blog, btw.

Sharon Rose said...

For a while I thought it was carrot cake (it's my favorite, so I have it on my birthday, and a second attack happened after I had it again). But since then I've eaten it three times WITHOUT a reaction. So either it's an optional ingredient or I was completely off base.