Thursday, March 01, 2007

Complicated Mittens, anyone?

My friend Terri has just released her book Selbuvotter. I haven't seen it yet, but having experienced her expert help in the VY&T circle I went ahead and preordered. I HAVE seen the gloves and mittens that were her samples, and they are really remarkable! Next winter I'll be wearing them. :)


Sidhefire said...

Very cool!.. Did -M- remember to tell you that I'm bunny-sitting a very sweet Angora & saving all the fiber from combing him out for you?..

Sharon Rose said...

No he didn't!! How long do you have her? I want to touch her!

Sidhefire said...

It's a beautiful boy, his name is "Freebie" and he will be here for 3 weeks!.. so there will be lots of time for cuddles with him... He's got the cuteness factor down to a fine art.. (and his momma is a fanatic spinner, so I really need to connect you guys after she gets back from Hawaii!)