Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sparkly Sisters

January had two more attacks in store for us: Matt's computer CD/DVD drive went belly up, and I have a hairline fracture in my right foot from all my walking. Geez, how's a girl supposed to get in shape?

On a happier note, we visited the Rose clan for the Tucson fossil & gem Show. This is a monster gathering of jewelery and mineral wholesalers, plus the world's best palentologists. Every hotel room in the city is a different vendor, and you see specimens that rival or exceed anything in museums.

More importantly, I got some real quality time with my new(er) family. His parents have taken me in, and Matt's sisters are now mine, too. I feel undescribably warm and happy having sisters again (for those who don't know, my only sibling, Jill, died at 16). Matt is with Nancy The Lobster Provider, and of course that's Mom and me. Mary was also there, and Nadine, who is technically a cousin but has been adopted in.

My best shiny finds at the show: An ammonite bracelet and citrine ring, courtesy of Mom's generosity, and a scrimshaw pin from their personal collection. The ruby zoisite wand was a prezzie from Nancy.

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Tracy said...

OMG, you were in AZ?