Thursday, February 15, 2007

Secret Pal Part II

Here's the amazing yarn my Secret Spinning Pal made me. She really went all out: Thick & thin home-dyed Merino, plyed with mohair, and studded with felted & beaded flowers. I'm going to weave it into a blanket for the back on my taxi. She included some fun surprises wound inside. I loved that idea so much I stole it for my downstream Secret Pal. I'll post what I made for her after the mailman delivers.

Here's a felted lunch bag-style purse I made, sans pattern. The straps are actually one long felted loop. They can come up both sides, as a short shoulder bag, or I can snug it up into one long across-the-body strap. It's lined in red muslin and has a nifty internal pocket.

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