Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lucky 4-pawed Clover

Ravelry's Catsnrabbits is the winner! I feel rather silly, actually, since Blackberry was named from Watership Down*, and when we got Hazel we immediately went to the same source. It was a disaster. Hazel and Blackberry were each convinced that THEY were Supreme Ruler and the other should DIE! The bites were vicious... fur literally flew. Hazel had to go. :(

Fortunately, Blackberry and the new girl seem considerably less interested in each other. We've set up multiple caged exposures, with treats to distract, and they've been fine. No grunting, no lunging, and only a few thumps the first time. YAY!!! I have hopes that soon they'll be friends. Fatcat is certainly fond of her.

But I digress! A yarny prize (with extras) is on its silky way to Miss Catsnrabbits (who is also named Sharon and lives close by). She pointed out that Watership Down contained an Angora doe who was rescued from a hutch! Her name is Clover.

Runners-up were Peppercorn and Anise. Love them both, but Clover was just too perfect.

Speaking of, she's at the vet's now getting shaved. They were concerned about her being so underweight (5.25 lbs instead of 7-9) but now that she'll be able to eat properly she should recover nicely.

Breaking news: The vet just called. They spent an hour shaving her, but she's stressed out and they want to stop for now. Poor bunny will have to stay overnight and get trimmed in stages. The fur is matted so tightly next to her skin that it's a real hassle to get at without cutting her. I'm glad they're being so careful - also glad that I got my stimulus check yesterday!

But I'm really grateful that Nancy happened to be moving and decided to rehome her. Poor girl could have overheated or starved to death. She's lucky indeed.

* Watership Down is, like Animal Farm, really about humans. I love it for the exploration of what happens when disaster strikes a community. Some panic, some act, some crumble, some become leaders or despots. Mr. Adams didn't really know rabbits, though. He claims they have no sense of humor. In his stories, the only laughing bunnies are insane. In reality, they have a riotous, teasing character. I suspect he only experienced them as prisoners in hutches, not whole happy beings. And the females in his stories exist primarily as baby factories. If you can ignore those problems, though, it's a great book.

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Turtle said...

congrats to catsnrabbits, Clover is perfect! poor stressd out bunny!