Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July, 2008

Fireworks (more pics here) with Gwyn (brunette), Denise (blond), and Pheobe (tiny one). The highlight was the watermelon sorbet with chocolate seeds and a lime rind. Yowza!

In other iced sweet news, I was enjoying a popsicle, and the handle asked "What do you give a snake with allergies." Before I ate down to the answer, Matt, Gwyn & I generated the following responses:

"Vick's Viper Rub?"
"I don't know, is she still covered by COBRA?"
"Or some sort of sliding scale!"
"Maybe it's not really allergies, maybe he's got ereptile dysfunction."
"Did it aspirate something?"

The official answer: anti-HISS-tamines.

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fred said...

Stonehenge is on fire????