Sunday, December 02, 2007

Garage Day

A HUGE thank you to Tom, Bill, and Jeff. After a thorough inspection, I now have a slightly scary to-do list and a cleaner radiator. It turns out he's a Frankentruck: His cloth-wrapped wiring dates from the early 60's, and his front plate is more like '71. Series II, IIa, and III parts are scattered throughout. That's neither surprising nor bad news, necessarily. His frame is solid and the SPOT fixes (Stupid Previous Owner Trick) are relatively small. Overall, I'm very happy. Pictured: Bill using a Land Rover-type tool, and the guys on surgery consult.

For my knitsibs: Sorry about the lack of fiber content, but I'm working on all of my Christmas prezzies. I can't let the sheep out the bag, so to speak. To appease your need for fluff, here's Figgy, Fatboy, and Blackberry taking a nap at one end of the couch. Eventually the two cats wound up chasing dream mice head-to-head. I was on the other end, knitting on *someone's* surprise. Is it yours?


Judy said...

Oh my....want to nuzzle all the furry critters! They're so cute! Mine is being a grouch. I don't think she cares much for snowstorms (especially when ice pellets hit the window and make her nervous).

Ursula said...

SPOT fixes! I'll have to tell my bf - we purchased older Volvos and his had numerous SPOTs. The "best" was the fix for the glove box - a brass door lock. Bizarre! Many more under the hood. Do you have a name for a screw driver found in the engine compartment? lol

roxy =^o^= said...

Redneck engineering at its best? LOL

Pretty kitties!

*hugs n kisses*


Alawishus said...

Congrats on the new shiny!!!! I saw this btw, and thought of you :)

Love ya!