Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Warning: Intense cuteness!

This is probably the most adorable video I've seen in years. Watch it all the way to the end. :)

Matt and I are practically vibrating with excitement. We secured our International Driving Permits and bathing suits (for Bath) and WOW I'm so fired up I can't think about anything else! Not even the supercool knitting machine I got my mitts on - many thanks to Terri for parting with it, and Annie for showing me how to use it. :) We leave Thursday morning - anyone want to give us a ride to the airport?


knottykitty said...

That video is soooo cute! Did you see Caturday and Panda Sneezes?

Have a smashing time on your trip! Sounds like lots of fun. :)

Sharon Rose said...

OMG!! Just watched them, laughed so hard on Caturday I had to rewind - couldn't see for the tears in my eyes!

emma said...

That is adorable! Enjoy your trip and take lots of pics.

Annie said...

I just LOVED Caturday.. Tears streaming down my face!!
Hope you have very few problems with the knitting machine. Let me know how you do. We can always try it again.

Macavite said...

So, not so much coming to norwescon this weekend then.

Have fun in a much cooler place!