Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Going home...

Off to Manchester to drop Preston with Ray. He provides cars for TV & movies, including the new Casino Royale (That Miami airport scene was his collection of Crown Vics! We also spent time with Mal of Vintage Spares, the man to call on for taxi parts.). Ray took temporary custody of Preston and will deliver him to the dock. Isn't his Checker gorgeous? What a gentleman: He didn't even charge us cab fare for a ride to the train station. We railed down to London and spent a day and a half there before our flight home. Visits to Harrod's and Hamley's were quite productive. The picnic at St. James Park was a nice pastoral break in the concrete. Matt eyes the shot glass of orange juice meted out by our Victoria-area B&B.

My favorite in-flight shot: Ice sheets break up off the coast of Iceland.

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