Saturday, April 07, 2007

Old York, Old York

We couldn't be happier. Flew into London, bussed and railed to Birmingham to collect the cab. Preston is even better than we expected (Yes, Totty is for sale now). The weather is perfect - sunny and just cool enough. We stayed in Naidine's flat in Scarborough last night. It was so very, very English... I couldn't stop picturing Jeeves & Wooster knocking about. Today we swooped down to York and secured a terrific B&B right in the middle of town. We are staying here through Tuesday morning. What we're seeing lots of: newly hatched lambs, scads of Vespas in wacky custom colors, ubiquitious old brick cottages tucked into valleys, the popular "bad wig" hairstyle on young men. My face hurts from grinning so much. Driving on the left is FREAKY!! Here are a few pics. Check out that ice cream truck! I'm working on getting them on Flickr but so far have about half - most still need titles & descriptions. Time for bed!


Alawishus said...

Glad you two are having such a great time and I loved your photos!!!

Big Hugs from the S-monster and I!

emma said...

So glad you are having fun! Keep the pictures coming.
(PS I went a little fiber crazy and bought 2lbs of BFL today!)

Annie said...

Awesome Pictures. I think you should bring some lambs home.. and the lil round building. Oh and tell hubby I can see up his Kilt..hee hee
I'm so Jealous!
Can you buy one of those Ice Cream Trucks?

fred said...

... & nice weather, too

& some pix of Preston in his own homeland???

AJ said...

If Magnifico ice cream cones are still around, have one for me!
Magnificos are magnificent!