Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bath and the surrounding countryside

Catching up - we LOVED York but had to move on eventually. Saw some of our cab guys. Spent many many hours tooling through the English countryside. The roads are positively lined with photo ops. These picturesque stone and brick homes aren't just an isolated pretty spot - they are ALL like that. 15th - 18th century buildings with TV dishes on top.

You obviously recognize Stonehenge. We also visited Cathenge and Nothinghenge. That skinny road seen through Preston's windscreen is a two-lane road. It's only 1 car wide, so if you meet a neighbor you both dive into the bushes. In the case of coming grill-to-grill with a large lorry (truck) or farm equipment, you throw it into reverse and race backwards towards a suitable widening. Pheasants, crows, sparrows, lots of other birds everywhere. Rabbits and badgers also spotted.

Acres and acres of dense yellow flowers. They are mustard plants and have a wonderful spicy aroma.

That's me at the very top of Wardour Castle. Utterly wonderful and you get to scramble around with no adult supervision. Of course we went climbing. More pics in the next entry...

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