Thursday, March 15, 2007

Put your money where your mouth is!

Horrified by the quagmire in Iraq?

Frustrated by the healthcare situation?

Angry about corruption in government?

Quit complaining and DO something about it. Give as much as you'd spend taking your sweetie to the movies. or a dinner out. Give more, if you can. And if you've got the time, consider volunteering!


knottykitty said...

Are things just getting more difficult and complicated in general, or is it just that I'm getting old and I notice more things, and have less patience!! Grrrrr! ;) deb

Sharon Rose said...

I do think things are pretty bad in some ways, but let's not forget that we are incredibly lucky, too. Considering the entire history of the human race, it's rare for me to have grown up with no danger of starvation or first-hand exposure to war. It's even more unusual for me, as a woman, to be able to live how I want, wear what I want, and go to medical school. But I want more! I want everyone else to be as lucky as I've been. :)

Ginger said...

"But I want more! I want everyone else to be as lucky as I've been."

ummm . . . isn't that part of the justification GW is using for the quagmire? (as she throws the lit match and walks away quickly)

Sharon Rose said...

He's saying a lot of things. Unfortunately his actions don't have anything to do with the ideals he espouses OR reality.