Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have three methods of getting rid of my stash:

1) I want to hold a Yarn Swap. I envision us sitting around knitting, snacking (of course), and happily trading the unloved portion of our respective stashes for someone else's rejects. Which, naturally, we will treasure more than life itself. FREE YARN!! Woo HOOO!!! Oh, and books and needles and roving and dye and whatever else. Please email or comment and let me know what day(s) are good for you. I have plenty of seating space and the glorious plasma TV (and more movies than are sensible, indeed, sane). For those of you who balk at the Mercer Island trek, feel free to nominate another location or indicate your desire to car pool. UPDATE: Interest has grown beyond my personal capacity. We will be meeting at the Pavilion!

2) I plan to work steadily on my UFO (unfinished objects). I will resist the urge to start new things until the the OTK (on the k'needles) bucket is nearly, if not completely, empty.

3) I will refuse steadfastedly to spend money on yarn or roving until 2008. Please note this does not exclude items traded for, or earned via bodywork / acupuncture. I will work only from my stash (See the wonderful superbulky mittens I made! That little inch-ish piece is how much I had left!).

Number 3 will be sorely tested on Jan 25, when I attend Madrona with Emma and whoever else wants to come. Wendolene has been itching to hit another fiber fest. We are both quite excited. Again, email or comment if you want to earmark a seat. She only holds 6, including me! :) The left front still lacks a seatbelt, so I will reserve that space for our purchases. Um, YOUR purchases. Yeah.

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emma said...

What you mean I can't fill the entire car with my purchases? Darn.
I'm up for a yarn swap although I don't know if I really have anything worth swapping. I'll be happy to come along, knit, chat and of course eat. Weekends work best for me.